Ryu-x86 Install

Last Edit: 22.07.2006 (DD.MM.YYYY)

Note: There is no configure. The makefile is generic enough that it works on all the linux distros I've used (inlcuding Knoppix). Since this is an OS it provides it's own API. However, the MinGW version of LD needs a different linker script, so I've provided one in 'lnk'; simply rename the files and it should work on Windows.


1. Go to the root/install directory (one dir above info).
2. Type 'make'. Stuff will appear onscreen. If there are errors please report them to one of the authors.
3. (*nix only). Type 'make install' if make worked (only on *nix). This just copies the kernel to the floppy. This has to be a grub formatted floppy.
3. (windows only). On Windows just copy the kernel to the floppy manually.
4. Edit grub.conf to include kernel.bin (the Ryu-x86 OS kernel). A sample grub.conf is provided in the root directory.

Ryu-x86 OS is installed on the floppy! Now just reboot and watch the magic.

If you downloaded the binary, just use dd or rawwrite to write the image to a floppy.