Ryu-x86 Readme

Last Edit: 22.07.2006 (DD.MM.YYYY)

If you are looking for install instructions, please see the file "INSTALL".

Ryu-x86 aims to act an awful lot like linux, without actually copying any code from linux. It is planned to be a hand written, stripped-down version of unix that is extensively documented and can be easily extended to other's needs.

People that helped me, whether they know it or not:
Name OS Address Functionality
Stuart George Queeg OS address not available cpuid
"Tux" N/A http://www.osdever.net inportb, outportb
"Mr.Xsism" IDT OS http://www.osdever.net IDT, GDT, A20


If defined, supply your own system colors or template...
Matrix-ed Colors (yay).
Microsoft style.
Define your own (see below).
Ryu-x86 OS logo color.
Std program output color.
System output color.
User Text color.
Error color.
Debugmode color.
Hex Dump color.
Raw Device Dump color.
Device Testing Repeater/direct out Color.
Device Header Colors.
PASS, or ON colors.
FAIL, or OFF colors.
Info about a specific Device.
Repeating Character.
Style Name.
Style Author.
Do "Fake Memory Management" (aka a static array at compile time).
Displays a lot of extra info.
Try to cut down kernel size. Mainly takes out the shell program stuff.

Currently Completed:

Short Term Todo:

Long Term Todo:

Thanks to: